I first met Richard Turfrey from Insurance Works in 2000, not long after my daughter was born, when my husband and I decided to take out life insurance.  We found Richard and Donna very helpful, nothing was too much trouble and they were very understanding to our needs.  In June 2017 when I was informed that I was terminally ill, Richard helped me to understand what was available to me financially within my policy.  He made it effortless for me, as I was quite confused after my diagnosis and he guided me through the process with kindness and patience.  In March 2019 I bumped into Richard and he asked me how I was doing.  I told him that I had been informed by my doctors that I had less than 12 months to live.  Unknown to me, there was a possibility that I could get paid out the remainder of my policy, early, which did eventuate and for that, I am eternally grateful to you Richard.  So thank you Richard and Donna for being by my side through my whole insurance process and for showing true care, kindness and concern for me.  My policy, the benefits and the advice I have received, have made it possible for me to have all my affairs in order and to make sure that my children are not left with any lingering debts.  I would definitely recommend Insurance Works for any insurance advice that you might ever need in your life.



I have found Richard gives straight up, honest advice.  He is there for the customer and goes the extra mile to get the best for you.  The first time I dealt with Richard, was when bought my first house.  He went out of his way to ensure I got the best out of my Kiwisaver, and did all the hard work for me.  He made the experience stress free. 



The service I have received from all those I have spoken to, Richard, Donna and SX Auckland staff has being amazing.  So supportive, empathetic and very efficient. Your words of support and kindness have provided me with comfort and relief to the painful and traumatic situation I was experiencing. I would like to sincerely thank Richard and Donna for the all your support and understanding. The premiums I have paid each month over the years was, undeniably one of the best investments I have made.   Many many thanks. Linda



I have been a client of Richard for 25 years. On his initial recommendation I took out Life Insurance and Income Protection.  At the time it was an expense I could have done without, but I had a family and his advice seemed sensible.  On reflection his advice has been a “life saver”. Ten years ago, for health reasons I had to quit my job and my income just stopped.  With assistance from Richard I made an application against my Income Protection policy and immediately for the following 3 months I was paid 100% of the wage amount that I had previously been receiving.  After 3 months this reduced to 75% per month.  It’s been like that for ten years now.  During this time the Insurance company has been totally professional and respectful, and has also paid for counselling and retraining.  Gratefully I am now back in the workforce (though medically unfit for my previous occupation) and Income Protection is still paid to me.  My current wage is topped up by this insurance policy to equal 75% of my pre-disability income.  Without doubt, accepting Richard’s recommendation back then, 25 years ago, has been one of the best decision in my life.



Richard is my insurance guy and fishing guru. His relaxed, no pressure approach is appreciated and his depth of knowledge across a range of products means he was/is able to tailor packages that suit our life circumstances. And when those circumstance change (as often they do) Richard is there to ensure we always have the best plans and strategies in place.

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