Medical Insurance

 As we all know we are not immortal, and it goes without saying that as we age our health is going to deteriorate and our bodies are going to start packing up.  If you are buying individual medical insurance, the best time to buy it, is now.  Health cover is carefully underwritten, which means any pre-existing health conditions will be excluded.  So get in before your list of excluded health conditions grows.

Without Medical Insurance, you will be reliant on the public waiting list, which currently sits at around 280,000.  This amount does not include those people waiting for a first consultation, or those that have been non-urgent, and cannot get on the waiting list.

Realistically, Medical Insurance could be a life saver, as well as being a lifestyle protector.

Feel free to give Richard a call to discuss this very important type of insurance.

“I have held Medical Insurance for over 20 years, and have been grateful I haven’t needed to use it.  However, I’ve seen people benefit from it time and time again.  In my role as an Adviser to Group Health Insurance, I have witnessed hundreds of instances where Health Insurance has helped people get back to good health, quickly”.  Richard

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