Q - If you are self-employed, where can you invest $20 per week, every year and get $520 extra free dollars added to your account each year, risk free?

A - With Turf’s Kiwisaver of course. 

Q - If you are an employee, where can you invest 3% of your gross pay, and have your employer match your contribution (less tax) and still get an additional $520 free money added to your account every year?

A - With Turf’s Kiwisaver of course. 

Actually, it’s not Turf’s Kiwisaver … it’s a Booster Kiwisaver with lots of extras. These include:-

  • a mobile app to keep track of your Kiwisaver on your phone
  • free accidental death cover that builds up over time (to a maximum of $50,000).
  • innovative funds like the "socially responsible balanced fund" 

But the key benefit available to you is Turf’s knowledge about Kiwisaver and he can help you identify what type of investor your are and what investors like you prefer to invest in.

If you want to learn more about our Kiwisaver services, to sign up, or transfer your existing Kiwisaver. ... Book an appointment with Richard to find out how this works.

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