Business Protection & Key Man Insurance

We are not as concerned about insuring your ute or your tools in the back of the van … we ARE concerned about protecting the business you’ve put years and years of sweat and tears into, to make it was it is today.

The death or disability of a key person, can quickly erode the value of the business you have put all your life work into.

Learn the consequences death or disability can have on your business and just how you can protect your most valuable asset.

Something to consider …. If you are not sure if you need to protect your business … leave your business today … come back to your business in 12 months time … will it still be there?

Don’t be robbed by having to sell up your business as a fire sale. 

Richard is an expert on Business Protection, book an appointment with Richard.

Tax Deductibility of Insurance Premiums

There are a heap of options when it comes to tailoring a suitable Life Risk solution for a client.

As well as selecting appropriate covers and amounts … ownership and who pays for the protection, is critically important.

Often business related insurance is misconstrued as a personal expense and paid for out of the tax-paid income.

At Insurance Works, we believe business risks should be addressed first and tax deductibility used to its maximum.

Learn more about how this can best work for you, contact us or book an appointment with Richard.

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